Are you looking for jobs that hire felons? There are many industries that are open and cool with hiring felons. Though it will not be easy, it is still quite possible to find these jobs.

Acquiring a job as an ex-felon can be very difficult. Not only are the jobs that hire felons increasingly rare, there are also a growing number of unemployed individuals that compete for available positions. Another problem that most felons encounter is their lack of experience. Due to their years of incarceration, their resume may not produce any job employment history or job experience. Another obstacle that many stumble on is the bad perceptions of many employers to felons.

Looking for jobs that hire felons is a daunting task, but not impossible! There are many ways a felon can find jobs. Here are a few examples of jobs that hire felons:

1.) Freelance Jobs:

There are various freelance jobs that hire felons. Freelance jobs usually do not need any background check. As long as the person can provide the best output in his jobs, a person can get the job.

Among the freelance jobs that hire felons are the following:

Media Researcher – Researchers are people who help journalists as well as news reporters gather information for their news articles or programs. Many people with felony conviction work as researchers as they often are very knowledgeable with things that ordinary people do not know.

Police Assets – The best way a felon can redeem himself is to become a police asset. By becoming a police asset, a felon can help fight the crime that he was once involved in.

Online Computer jobs – Anyone who has the skills in writing, video editing or webpage design can apply for freelance online computer jobs. The employers in online computer jobs do not background check as long as the person does his job satisfactorily.

Real Estate – Real estate developers do not background check. As long as the person can sell houses, he’s okay.

2.) Contractual Jobs:

A felon can look for contractual jobs while looking for more permanent job opportunities. The good thing about contractual jobs is that since they only hire people temporarily, the employers do not try to make deep background checks on employees.

Here are some contractual jobs that hire felons:

Construction Jobs – This is a typical contractual job that hires felons. Construction usually last only for a few weeks to a few years. The pay is usually good and felons with good physical condition will be of advantage as compared to other job seekers.

Housekeeping Jobs – Though not very popular to many, housekeeping jobs are easy jobs to land. You do not need to formally send a resume; just a recommendation from a friend is usually enough for an ex-felon to get the job.

Factory Jobs – Factories base their employment on the skills of an individual and not on his academic or past credentials. A resume focusing on your skills is enough.

Delivery Services – Delivery service jobs do not bother to discriminate against felons in the jobs.

3.) Entrepreneurship:

Why bother to look for jobs if you can be the boss yourself? One problem that most people with felony convictions face is a bad credit report, which hinders them from getting loans. Don’t worry, various government agencies and nonprofit organizations render their services to felons who want to start a new life by building a small business. You may contact such agencies for help.

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